Insightful Touch

Andrea Kennedy, LMP

Services and Rates


Choose which time frame best suits you. A few thoughts to help you decide...  


Throughout your session, I will work as deeply or as lightly as you and your body needs. To be effective, we will work slowly.

You will be encouraged to connect to your breath as you deeply relax and release pain, stress, tension and dis-ease. This release happens while you open to a deeper connection between your body, mind and breath.

This takes time. At times, tension and pain will release quickly, other times it releases more slowly, and we never know what we will accomplish during a session. Because of the slow paced nature of this work, 50-60 Min appointments are available for Children/Youth and Seniors. I have experienced, through many years of treating clients, that 1 hour sessions are too rushed for most Adults. The Nervous System, it seemed, would just begin to relax, release and deeply re-connect, when the 60 minute session was coming to a close. More time was often needed for clients to fully integrate the work, and add necessary grounding and energetic techniques. This is why the 60min Sessions will only be offered to Youth and Seniors as needed. 

 75 minute sessions (1 & 1/4 hr) work very well for most people. Please choose this time for your weekly or monthly maintenance appointments. However, if this is your first massage/bodywork session in quite sometime and/or you have a chronic condition that needs more attention, perhaps a 90 minute session is more appropriate.  I also offer 120 minute sessions for those seeking the ultimate in re-connecting to themselves and releasing pain, tension and stress. These longer treatments (75/90/120) allow enough time for your body to begin the deep process of healing on a cellular level. 





*Deep tissue massage can be experienced as painful for some clients, and can be misunderstood as a modality.  Please always let me, your therapist, know if the massage feels painful in anyway as it should not make you feel as though tissue damage is occurring. Please know that it is not my intention to harm you and I would like to know if you are experiencing pain. Deep tissue massage can sometimes feel just on the edge of painful -  as if your therapist pushed any harder or moved any quicker, then it would be painful.



All treatments include Hot Stones, Chi Balancing, and Intuitive Therapeutic Massage


Reiki$95 / 75 minutes
Reiki$110 / 90 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$95 / 75 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$110 / 90 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$150 / 120 minutes