Insightful Touch

Andrea Kennedy, LMP


“I have suffered from chronic low back pain for several years to the point where it was debilitating and having a very negative affect on my quality of life. I had a discectomy in 2003 and was temporarily relieved of the excruciating pain. After many different life events and normal wear and tear, the pain came back. I tried everything from medication to chiropractic to physical therapy and it seemed nothing seemed to offer any relief. In my final attempt to tackle the pain before pursuing another surgery, I decided to try massage. After Andrea worked on my back, I knew I was in good hands! She was intent on listening to my concerns and had an amazing ability to go right to the epicenter of my pain and offered me so much relief! After being consistently massaged by Andrea, I have gained flexibility, learned so much about my condition, and most importantly have an overall better quality of life!”        - Jessica L. Medlen, Client