Insightful Touch

Andrea Kennedy, LMP

Heated Stone Massage Class

Heated Stone Massage - 16 CEU NCBTMB/Idaho/WA approved course


October 6th Sat & 7th Sun

9am - 6pm (60min lunch)

Hosted at:

American Institute For Clinical Massage

4365 Inverness Dr Post Falls, ID

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Andrea Kennedy, LMT offers a dynamic, fun, hand-on class, providing you the skills needed to deliver a complete heated stone massage. In this comprehensive 16 hour course, you will learn the history, safety and practical applications of working with one of Gaia’s amazing massage tools - the heated basalt river rock. You will be amazed when you feel the effect of the heat combined with the grounding vibration of the stones - your nervous system hasn’t felt anything like it. Your current clients will appreciate your new modality and your marketability to employers and prospective clients will be enhanced by your new art. Heated Stone Massage is the perfect way to let your clients go deeper into their relaxation response allowing themselves to release hypertonic muscles and bound up fascia without you having to work harder. Come learn and play with the stones, see what it’s all about!


Andrea Kennedy, LMT has been teaching for 8 years and in private practice for 20. Student/client feedback consistently reports Andrea to be a compassionate, kind, knowledgeable and deeply intuitive teacher and therapist.  She will help you find your way back to yourself through your role as a bodyworker, and teach you how to help your clients find their way home as well.


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